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My name is Gayle Alexander, For years I had trouble finding jeans that fit me.. Even regular size 00 did not from Abercrombie.. And I often had to get them altered my self.  Just though Id send you a picture to show my appreciation for helping me feel normal.. And sexy.!! I LOVE DORINHA JEANS I order them every time I go to the US for holidays.


Kind Regards,

Gayle Alexander / London, England

Your jeans are awesome and exactly what I''ve been looking for!!!!

- Karlyn Y

hey, I absolutely love your jeans. You are one of the nicest people I have ever met, and your jeans are amazing! They are as comfortable as sweatpants! Thanks sooo much! I''m a dedicated shopper! Especially after meeting you last year!


You should open a store in Miami

- Julissa Z


I love Dorinha jeans! I am so glad that they are available in British Columbia! If they weren''t I dont know how I could live! I am getting a pair this weekend. I''m so excited!


i just received my first pair of jeans and i love them! i've been looking for jeans like this for so long and now i know where to get them finally! in fact i'm ordering more right now! your jeans fit so perfectly i'll be a customer always!!


Hey Dorinha...I Just Want To Say That I LOVE Your Jeans And Shirts. They Are AMAZING!!! You Are My FAVORITE Brand Of All Time!! If You Ever Need Someone To Model or Give You Opinions Of Your Clothing Im Your Girl!!! You Are My Inspiration...I Have Always Wanted To Be A Fashion Designer And Go Somewhere In The Fashion Industry Just Like You Are!! To Meet You Would Be A Dream Come True! I Wish You The Best Of Luck In The Future.


    thankyou for your reply.

 i must have done something wrong the first time round. i tried a second time and managed to do it right.

     i received a pair of jeans about a month ago. i didn't think they were going to fit. they did fit and i must say they are the best pair of jeans i have ever worn. they are so comfortable and don't lose their shape after they have been worn more than once.

      we don't get jeans so low waisted in the UK and when i saw your site i had to have a pair.

       i will be ordering more in the future

        thankyou for taking the time and the interest to contact me.



I just wanted to let you know that you have the BEST jeans and that I really hope to see them in more stores. I also wanted to let you know that I travel 45 minutes to buy your clothing, (I don’t mind) but I live in the city of Toronto and I have to go out of the city to buy your stuff. Please don’t get me wrong I love you clothing line is PERFECT! One more thing I wanted to tell you about your line is my best friend is a size 9 and I am a size 1 and your clothing look great on her and me and there is such a big difference in our size. I am amazed.



I love your jeans, they fit better than any others that I have tried since I am quite thin. And they really don''t stretch out.' - Jessica

amzin jeans!' - Lara K

your jeans are awsome! I love them their are super comfy and sexy.'

- Chiara C


hi im rica suamyo, from the philippines..i saw your
jeans when i was surfing the net looking for what dream pair of jeans and i found what i've
spent nearly 5 years looking for in your website. i
love love low waist jeans but they are hard to come by
here in the philippines..



I LOVE these jeans!!!!'

- Krista



I love the one inch zipper, and the idea of giving free low rise panties with the low rise jeans is very smart!





these are the best pair of jeans i have ever brought they fit very nice and they are so relax to wear, if only you could get these clothes in new zealand. thanks for a great pair of jeans i love them so much.


i think every1 would agree with me that dorinha jeans are the absolute best, also the models on this sight are absolutly georgous, brazilian? fine.


Love the jeans and they are the only pants that I like wearing cause of the low rise waist. Anything else for a pant drives me nuts cause it isn''t the same


I absolutely love you jeans!!!!!!




Hello. I just received my jeans.

Thank you so much*

It is super smooth and perfect fit !

I hope I can order some jeans again.

Thank you IRI KIMURA



Love your jeans'

- Anne V



I've just received my order today (A0004-NW + C00022).  They're great!  Both fit superb, just like a second skin.  I'm so pleased with them.  They're comfortable, & are just as you describe them.

My boyfriend has seen them & asks when are you going to do men's low-rise styles?

Thank you again.

- Regards, Mandii



I love your Britney Spears looking jeans'

- Michele M


I live in the UK and I am happy to say I am the proud owner of a pair of
dorinha wear jeans.  Well what can I say... I love them, I love them!  They
are the sexiest and most comfortable jeans I own.  I regularly check your
site to find out if your company will ever make these in black. 

I hope so.
- Jacqueline - London


These are the greatest jeans - a tight sleek fit  - even for size zero figures.

They make my butt look incredible! I have never seen anything like them.

- My guy thanks you! Susan


I really like the style and look your jeans have!' - Jennifer Z

I love these new one inch zipper jeans!! they are the best and are totally sexy! - Angela F

I love all your jeans. I so glad I found this website.' - Tamyra P

I am 15 years old and I am very happy that you make Dorinha jeans in small sizes.

- Elena W


love the jeans!!'

- Jennifer T


hey i just wanted to say that i bought a couple pairs of your jeans and i just love them.!

i'd never ever buy any other brand again ! they are the most comfortable jeans i've

ever tried on! Thank you soooo much!

- i love you guys!


you have the cutest jeans!' - Roxy

I absolutly love your jeans. i think that the sexy low style is so kute.'

- Lindsay